Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's time for the Chardon Square Flea Market!!!

This Saturday, I will be at the Chardon Square Flea Market from 9-4.  Come on out! I'll have my normal craft stuff, a bunch of brand new Vera Bradley things, and a bunch of collectibles. I'll hopefully bring out the large collection of Lenox figures, but might not (space restrictions and they are fragile)

On that note, the Halle Estates Garage Sale is June 7th & 8th. I'll be set up the 7th for sure (well if there is a major storm, maybe not. I will definitely have the Lenox out there.  I have tons of the birds and a display case. If you know you are looking for something specific, email me   kelly at sunshineandmemories dot com  (of course, leaving out the at and the dot and replacing them with the appropriate symbols.

Have a great week!!!

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